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Left over scraps of wrapping paper or sheets left over from previous years - what do you do with them? While many festive wrapping papers are now fully or partly recyclable, it’s even better for the environment if these can be reused before being recycled. So we thought we’d put together a few of our favourite paper-crafting ideas. These can be done with wrapping paper offcuts, or why not save paper that wrapped this year’s gifts for crafting next year?


Origami stars

Origami star made from wrapping paper

Origami stars look intricate and but are pretty easy to do after a little bit of practice. A craft for slightly older children as it can involve scissors to cut out the initial pentagon. Make a mixture of sizes and hang them from the tree, string them together to create a garland, or sprinkle them on the Christmas dinner table.

This tutorial is done with step by step videos https://www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com/5-pointed-origami-star.html


Origami boxes

Photograph showing origami boxes made with Christmas wrapping paper and filled with chocolate coins

This is a great tutorial for origami boxes http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-box-with-cover.html. You will need two squares per box and our individual sheets of wrapping paper are ideal – beautiful patterns and sturdy enough to hold their shape. Why not tie some curling ribbon on finished boxes and hang them from the tree, filled with chocolate coins?


Gift tags and placecards

A placecard made from part of old gift wrapping surrounded by fairy lights

Last years Christmas cards or gift bags that have got a bit too scruffy to reuse are perfect for gift tags and placecards as they are thick enough to stand up by themselves. For gift tags cut old Christmas cards into rectangles approximately 10cm x 5.5cm and punch a hole midway through one 5.5cm side, about 1cm in from the edge. For a vintage parcel label style gift tag snip the corners off either side of the hole.

For Christmas table placecards why not cut up an old gift bag? One gift bag will probably give you enough placecards for all your guests. Simply cut out rectangles 8cm x 9cm and fold in half for 4cm x 9cm placecards, a metallic or black sharpie should write on most surfaces whether glittery, metallic or dark coloured.


Paper chains

Paper Chains are cheerful, quick and really effective. Perfect for draping over the Christmas tree, mantelpieces or bannisters they are brilliant for using up wrapping paper scraps. Once you have mastered the traditional sized chain why not vary the size of the strips? We think smaller chains look cute draped over poinsettias or to decorate a dolls house for Christmas.

The National Trust has a quick guide here, if you need one! https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/how-to-make-festive-paper-chain-decorations

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