New card range: Bewilderbeest

Posted by Angela Mungham on

Banner showing two Bewilderbeest greetings cards

Funny birthday and greetings cards for animal lovers 

We're delighted to welcome the Bewilderbeest greetings card range from the British Greetings Card Company to Nickery Nook! These Birthday cards are decorated with humorous, insightful illustrations by Suffolk-based artist Iain Hamilton, depicting dogs, cats, sheep, and other animals up to all sorts of antics. Covering all sorts of interests from gardening to farming to cooking, these cards offer a cheeky twist on traditional rural British life.

Their charm and wit will add a unique touch to that special someone's special day.

Each card is printed on FSC MIX board, is fully recyclable, and is plastic free!

Browse our collection of Bewilderbeest Birthday cards here or see some of our favourites below... 

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